Schedule and Book

The items below have been fully gifted and are available for you to schedule and book. Note that each vendor has provided only the date and times that are available.

Simply choose the date and time from the dropdown list provided for each item. Be careful not to book more than one item for the same day/time. Once the date and time for an item is selected click submit. An email will be sent to the vendor for final review.

After the vendor confirms the date and time and submits their confirmation, you are booked and will receive and email confirmation with all the specifics. All bookings will be combined and added into your personalized itinerary, which will provide an organized, chronological list of booked purchases. You will also get a printed voucher for each item with booking info added.

* If you wish to change a date/time after you have booked, you will need to contact the vendor directly to arrange the change.

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