Frequently Asked Questions


What is a honeymoon registry?

Like a traditional gift registry, couples create honeymoon registries and list items that they would like to have for their honeymoon. Items can range from transportation, special meals to exotic tours and activities. Guests can contribute to your honeymoon memories by providing monetary gifts to be applied for specific items. An increasing number of newlyweds now have all the housewares they need, so a honeymoon registry is the perfect way to start off your life together!

With TCI Honeymoon Registry’s wedding and honeymoon registries, you are free to add anything you want! You can add fun island activities and amazing tours for the honeymoon or gifts that will complement your island get away. Complete customization means this registry represents your vacation lifestyle completely.

How does a honeymoon registry work?

Couples list items they would like on their honeymoon registry and, through our simple payment system, guests can choose the items you have pre-selected then purchase them with a credit card. They can also leave a personal note or print out a matching gift card to include with their gift. Couples get email notifications with every gift purchased, and can easily keep track of thank you cards they’ve sent through our system. Couples can opt to set up an automated ‘thank you’ response or can can customize each one individually.

What if I have another registry on a different website?

No problem! Sometimes you may want a honeymoon registry and a separate registry for material things: more power to you!

How much does it cost?

We provide a free honeymoon registry to help couples crowd source the funding needed for their Turks and Caicos vacation.

The gift giver is charged a 3% transaction fee on checkout.

Overall, the transaction fee is charged to us by our payment processor, while the service fee allows us to keep our operations running and provide a service.

In addition to being completely Ad-FREE, TCI Honeymoon Registry has no “Upgrade” fees, subscriptions, or monthly fees. All of the great features of our system are 100% FREE to set up and use.

How does TCI Honeymoon Registry make money?

No ads, no high fees, and all our designs are free. We only charge a small guest-transaction fee and retain a low referral commission from participating businesses. All tours, attractions, activities and services offered have been rigorously vetted and all come highly rated as the best the TCI has to offer.

Why do we charge a fee?

Unfortunately, like rain in Seattle or traffic in Los Angeles, credit card fees are unavoidable. We keep our fee as low as possible while ensuring that it covers both a high level of customer service (phone and email) and honeymoon registry innovation. With TCI Honeymoon Registry’s honeymoon registries, you have complete customization with template selection, photo options and a design for every taste.

The average cost for merchants that accept credit cards online is approximately 3%. Large online companies like may get lower rates but fees for Internet-based companies are always more expensive than those charged to physical stores. Combined with overhead costs, that makes our profit margin very small. However, our business model is strong.

Building Your Registry

How do I add items to my registry?

Adding items is easy. Once you are logged into your registry admin panel and have completed the short form click on ‘Registry Items’ link, from there you can add anything! Have more questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

How do guests give gifts?

Note: Guests do not have to log into your account, request invites, or have a TCI Honeymoon Registry account to purchase a gift. Guests can easily choose items from your honeymoon fund and click on “Give gifts.” They will choose a payment method (credit card) and we’ll confirm their purchase with an email.

Keeping Track of Your Gifts

How do I receive my gifts?

Depending on the gift, if it is a physical gift it will be delivered to your hotel, condo or villa. Tours, activities and events are booked by us at your request. We secure bookings, pay vendors and provide you with confirmation. We also provide vouchers for all bookings with your welcome package.

Managing your Registry

What are my guests’ payment options?

They have the option of purchasing gifts using a a credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

One of our items is very expensive, can multiple guests contribute?

Yes, multiple guests can contribute and/or participate in some of your larger registry items. Just select the option for increment and choose how many. For example, for a $1,000 yacht charter, you can choose 10 increments at $100 each. Guests can then choose the number of increments that fit within their budget or even better they can join in on the fun.

Can I put something non-honeymoon related on my registry?

Of course! TCI Honeymoon Registry’s mission is to make gifts meaningful, so feel free to add anything to your registry that will bring great experiences and memories for your new life together.

Are my purchases secure?

We are PCI compliant and all requests are made through SSL. TCI Honeymoon Registry encrypts all of your guests’ sensitive financial information.