In part 2 we learned how to construct augmented and diminished triads. Welcome to this definitive jazz guitar chord chart for beginners. 7th chords. In guitar chord theory part 1 we looked at major, minor and suspended triads (three note chords). G and C have a major 7th, but D has a flat or minor 7th. These chords are also called dominant chords, and they are especially common in blues.. You’ll find every chord shape you need to get started with all the important jazz chords for guitar right here. The 7th Chord (also known as dominant 7th) adds another tone to the major triad chord. These five chord types form the basis of all chords.

It’s one of the strongest notes. The major 7th chord (abbreviated maj7 in chord names) is a four-note chord, but due to the characteristics of the guitar the chords can involve four to six notes (in some cases with duplicated notes). Depending on the scale on which the chord progression is created, we can encounter different situations.. The few dozen voicings here are also a great way to get started with chord melody. Don’t worry about augmented or diminished yet. The seventh note is one of the notes that really defines the sound of the chord. Chord Theory - 7th Chords. Guitar Theory: 7th Chords Seventh chords are very common chords also. How To Use 7th Guitar Chords. This chart contains root position chords (meaning that the tonic is the lowest note). Much of jazz is based upon 7th progressions. You know these chords by number as I, IV, and V. In the key of G, these chords are G, C, and D. You may expect them all to make similar major 7th chords, but they don’t. The three major chords in the major scale occur on the 1st, 4th, and 5th scale degrees.
There is the dominant 7th chord which is the main ingredient for blues and the major 7th chord which you can find a lot in jazz music, but also chords like the minor 7b5 and diminished 7 are part of the jazz chord vocabulary. Dominant 7 chords The chord is built by a root, a major third, a fifth and a major seventh. As the name implies, the added tone is seven steps from the root (following the scale). Now that we know how to play 7th chords, let's see how to include them in any chord progression. A seventh chord can also be major, minor, augmented or diminished. 7th chords are over the place in every style of music. The major 7th is not to be confused with the dominant 7th. Major 7th chords.

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