Car Care Articles. 20 Essential Car Maintenance Tips. Wondering How to Care for Your Car? Have your car's brake system inspected annually, even if you don't suspect any problems! Published Jan. 16, 2018. A good car maintenance schedule does not simply mean taking it to your mechanic on a regular basis. Learn basic car maintenance, touch up your car paint, and make other quick fixes with wikiHow's Car Maintenance and Repair category! There are plenty of things you can do in between services that can add life to your car and keep it in top operating condition. Regular vehicle maintenance improves fuel efficiency and produces less vehicle emissions. Find expert advice on topics like how to recharge a car air conditioner and remove rust from a car. 5 Easy Car Maintenance Tips For When It’s Sitting Still Due To Coronavirus You may not be using your car, but that doesn't mean you should forget about it. ... Start with reading your vehicle owner’s manual, where you’ll find the automaker’s recommendations and maintenance schedules based on your driving patterns and habits. Almost everyone, every family, has a vehicle to call their own. Not all problems are noticeable- don’t risk an accident from faulty brakes! By Dan Collins. 09/01/2018 Car Maintenance Guide Find the recommended Maintenance Schedule and any available information on Recalls or Technical Service Bulletins for your vehicle. Car Buying Buying a Used Car: Check the Maintenance Costs Before You Buy Before buying a used car, you'll want to check out what it costs to maintain it, or you could be in for a big surprise. Keep your car in prime condition with our collection of expert tips on vehicle maintenance and auto repair at Whether you need to fix a locked steering wheel, repair your car's air conditioner, or remedy some other automotive issue, our helpful guides can show you the way! Click Here To Read More Help the environment and save a little money, have your car checked today! More car maintenance articles Next, you’ll need to find a good repair shop. The modern automobile is no longer just a piece of luxury that only individuals of stature can have the bragging rights of owning.

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