Upon contact with humidity in air or room temperature water, the polyurethane resin begins to set in approximately 2-3 minutes and will fully harden in …

A short arm cast is easy to apply with a little practice. Ships direct to the patient so you can take it to your doctor.

Our orthopedic medical cast supplies are the perfect solution for the medical application or art hobby use. A cast is one of the preferred techniques to immobilize the bone of a limb that has been injured by fracture, dislocation or break. Also called a synthetic cast, it's made of fiberglass, which is a type of plastic that can be shaped.

It’s lighter and more durable and expensive than plaster casts. Fiberglass cast. You can buy the supplies and have them applied in no time. How does fiberglass casting tape work? Often this type of fiberglass cast is applied due to distal forearm fractures, wrist sprains, carpal injuries, and some metacarpal fractures. A fiberglass cast is a lighter, synthetic alternative to the more traditional plaster version. Plaster cast material is made from a type of naturally occurring gypsum known as plaster of Paris that is used to coat fiber bandages 1.Fiberglass casting tape is made from woven fiberglass that is coated with polyurethane resin.

Differences in Composition.

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