Originally intended to be a part of the Ammo and Vest Slots mod but works also just fine as independent mod. All changes are purely cosmetic.

1.8GB ; 2.4k-- Long War 2. I can’t recommend this enough as a quality of life mod. concluded on Sunday 12th April and I want to say a huge thank you to all the authors - old and new - who shared mods with the community through this period. Try deleting the mod ItemDespawnCanseler-1.14.4- in the mod folder for the pack. Make Mods.

That being said, anyone is free to choose what mods they wanna play with.

That and that the mod says it's balanced around having more-than-default soldiers means I'll skip by default.

YET! It will only show the information if you have the Shadow Chamber constructed.

Its true, this is my list. Make Mods."

Speeds up the game by removing pointless pauses and other time-wasters.

For a version that doesn't require War of the Chosen, see … Its gonna be a little deep. This mod shows the enemy types and quantity that have been detected by the Shadow Chamber in the Mission Planning screen.

You can enjoy free camera rotation by just holding Q and E keys.

Costs 25 supplies and one is required to build experimental ammo. If you have decided to work with WotC, then free camera rotation is one of the best Xcom 2 Mods. High Quality Rounds XCOM 2 Mod, this mod adds new ammo item into the game.

Games are rarely perfect, and it can often be hard for developers to justify and find time to change the little things — those tiny irritations that can gnaw away at a player's in-game experience. Firaxis Games developed this game and introduced by 2K Games. Xcom 2 is a top-rated turn-based tactics video game.

All Discussions ... Stop Wasting My Time - WotC. XCOM 2 ; Mods; Mods. You also may want the Mod Config Menu, which lets you tweak some mods directly in the options menu. Total War: Warhammer 2 Quality of Life Mods. 7.

Combat changes: Removed 1-3 sec pause after shooting, throwing grenades, abilities, etc. Subscribe. How you guys play, that's how you define as fun. Order. Display. When it comes to mods in the XCOM series, the most functional tools become almost inseparable from the vanilla versions of the games they're used in.The same can be said about the latest War of the Chosen DLC for XCOM 2..

This game is compatible with the platforms like PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Xbox One. In my book, fun is the freedom for me to choose I want to play. Everyone has a different subjective defining anything.

Speeds up the game by removing pointless pauses and other time-wasters.

Gameplay tweaks. 8.

Mod ideas for Xcom 2 I've had since early this year-----Cosmetic Mods-----INTIMIDATING ADVENT-All Advent enemies get either;-Half Life combine voices-(Clean) F.E.A.R. Quality Of Life - Any Mod that helps to play optimally without changing the game balance (too much) Game Changers - Any Mod that changes gameplay and/or balance. Cosmetics - Any Mod for visuals only. Removed 2.75 sec pause after going into cover. Sort by .

Next update will probably have this mod removed from the pack as I can understand the issues this will end up causing for most players.

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