at the Indian Society of Labour Economics at JNU on the 15th of December, 2005.. Basu stressed upon the right understanding of labour issues by academics as a must and pointed out earlier falsities in arguments propounded by intellectuals such as John Stuart Mill and Ricardo to highlight his point. In 1977, a late bloomer Jyoti Basu took over as chief minister of West Bengal. A select audio-visual clippings of Jyoti Basu’s speech will also be played. He made game-changing contributions at the political, ideological, and administrative levels in West Bengal and a significant qualitative impact at the national level.-SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH Jyoti Basu speaking at a CPI(M) rally in Kolkata on the occasion of the 16th party congress in 1998. No, he didn't enforce and bring about land reforms on his own. Mr. Basu, who had been the longest serving Chief Minister of any State, passed way on January 17, 2010. Jyoti Basu was to me a rare communist and a bhadralok who upheld his party ideals on the same breath as the democratic spirit of the Constitution.He … Basu may have been deputy chief minister twice in the volatile late sixties but his working life really flowered at the ripe old age of sixty-three. With only three years in full-time business, Chandan now heads three separate companies with an annual turnover of over Rs 2 crore. Ailment keeps Jyoti Basu out of heated debate; Ailment keeps Jyoti Basu out of heated debate As the country debates the Liberhan report,the man,who had launched a campaign against Babri Masjid demolition in West Bengal,has been forced by old age and ailments to remain silent. During his reign he ensured that West Bengal slipped from being one of the most developed states to one of the most underdeveloped states.

In the quarter century from 1985 when it was set up,to Sunday,when Jyoti Basu died,Gana Darpan,the NGO coordinating body donations in Kolkata,had facilitated … In 1977, a late bloomer Jyoti Basu took over as chief minister of West Bengal. But they trusted me and allowed me to speak my mind. He was the Chief Minister of West Bengal for 23 years from 1977 to 2000. Jyoti Basu speaking at a CPI(M) rally in Kolkata on the occasion of the 16th party congress in 1998. He was helped in Bengal's remarkable exercise of redistributing vested land among the poor, first by Harekrishna Konar and then by Benoy Choudhury, both stalwarts from the CPI-M bastion of Burdwan district. With the passing of Jyoti Basu, the curtain falls on an era of titans that will never fail to evoke in future generations wonderment tinged with disbelief. Nothing succeeds like failure. At 30, Subhabrata Basu, alias Chandan, the lean and tall only child of Jyoti Basu, the Marxist chief minister of West Bengal, is poised to become one of the archetypes of Left demonology - a self-made businessman. If anyone has proved this to be correct, it is Jyoti Basu. Jyoti Basu, India’s longest tenured Chief Minister spoke . Jyoti Basu was firm, Rajiv was extremely courteous while Indrajit Gupta was a straight-talker. They knew about my integrity.” No, he didn’t enforce and bring about land reforms on his own.

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