I've owned this car for about a year and have traveled about 20,000km in that time. Little of substance has changed with this year’s model. Mine only had 51k on it, but the only money it ever cost me was on brakes. It drives well, has good pickup.
Only successfully completed repairs are currently included in the analysis.

A bad mass air flow sensor can cause a no-start and stalling.

If you research, you'll find Mazda is above average for reliability … And I couldn't be happier. See stats for powertrain and chassis repairs . These charts provide the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers. It's reliable and comfortable, and I feel safe in it. The sensor is easy to replace. 15 Jul 2019 by Andrew Chesterton. Summary: Mazda North American Operations (Mazda) is recalling certain model year 2014-2015 Mazda6 vehicles manufactured October 25, 2012, to October 10, 2014. My 2011 Subaru Legacy died due to a blown head gasket (the 2nd within the same year).

Read more about Mazda6 reliability » 2015 Mazda6 Recalls The 2015 Mazda 6 has been recalled 3 times by NHTSA.

I just traded in my 2014 Mazda 6. 2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring Like my Mazda 6 for many reasons. Routine maintenance, most wear items, recalls, and problems fixed with just a reflash or warning light reset are not included. No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Mazda 6 reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy. Probably, but depends on your region, and who maintained it. Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and CX-5 recalled over engine stalling issue . Our Take on the 2015 Mazda Mazda6 Editor’s note: This review was written in February 2013 about the 2014 Mazda6. The stunning exterior of the 2015 Mazda 6 isn't leading you on; with an athletic driving experience and a lot of sophistication for the money, this a charming sedan with a surprisingly frugal side. MSRP was $33.4k, got it for $30.7k and leased it for $370/mo with no down for 3 …
Our Take on the 2015 Mazda Mazda6 Editor’s note: This review was written in February 2013 about the 2014 Mazda6.

CNN named Mazda the 4th most reliable car brand you could buy in 2015, and ReliabilityIndex place Mazda 6th for dependability, with a reliability index of just 64.

It represents the embodiment of a new design ethos employed by Mazda in 2002 known as the Stylish, Insightful and Spirited philosophy. Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting how the vehicles will hold up in the year ahead. Mazda 6 problems: There are several complaints about the mass air flow sensor failing. 2015 Mazda 6.

I am extremely pleased with the Mazda. Mazda come in above Lexus and Nissan. The reliability is above average, but there are problems to watch out for. I'm on my third Mazda for that very reason. Now on 10k with my '16 Mazda 6 with no issues. When I traded it in, it probably needed front tires too to pass inspection.

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