Negotiating a purchase. Say the market value for the job is $46-49k. This convinced me to start looking for another job. If you don't ask the outcome is 100% certain.

For salary negotiation, I've never transitioned between jobs for less than a 40% bump. If it's a startup and you're one of the first dozen, you can push for more equity (and sometimes they're happy to slide you less salary for more equity).

You don't generally negotiate bonuses and benefits.

I would ask for 49k because the difference between the top and bottom end of the job isn't very drastic.

In my first conversation (late March) I was quoted $400k salary year 1 with a raise to $425k year 2 and a $25k retention bonus after completion of year 2. One of the best negotiations I had was when I asked for a raise and was turned down. The things you most often negotiate are salary and equity. A salary.

Just ask.

If, say, it was something like 46k-66k, then it would be more appropriate to start with something around $55-60k rather then the absolute max. Number 3 is one of the biggest things, in basically anything.

If you ask, there is a shot. So I got another job that was paying 50% more within 3 weeks.

At this point I’d … I was being severely underpaid and they couldn't afford the base salary for the position they had me in. Negotiating a sale.

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