Believing it to be a kelpie, a passing local struck it on the head, causing it to revert to its equine form and scamper back to its lair in a nearby pond. The description of their appearance can vary in different tales. It was a shapechanger that would take the form of a black horse wearing chains. Vikings Celtic Art Irish Celtic Celtic Names Celtic Fantasy Art Irish Names Celtic Animals Celtic Mythology Celtic Paganism The Celtic Animals by Illahie on DeviantArt On request, a picture that contains all the designs in one image. The seahorse is also a strange looking fish so to tattoo the seahorse in this method works well with the look and story of the seahorse.

This cartoonish style fits well with a fish that can barely swim. The kelpie may appear as a tame pony beside a river. Much of the early mythology before the Romans was not written down but learned and repeated orally by Celtic Druids so there is much that is unclear and many gaps to fill. Seahorse look like silly creatures as it is so to have a new school seahorse tattoo seems to fit. The hippocampus, meaning “horse monster” in Greek, is a mythical creature in Greek and Phoenician mythology. Then the princess played and stopped again, and this time the sea-maiden put him all out of the loch, and he called on the falcon and became one and flew on shore. Gregor described a kelpie adopting the guise of a wizened old man continually muttering to himself while sitting on a bridge stitching a pair of trousers.

Once trapped in this way, the kelpie will drag the child into the river and then eat him. A Kelpie in the Celtic mythology of Scotland was originally a name given to a ‘Water Horse’. Sometimes white with smooth cold skin, or black and grey. The being was also adopted by Etruscan mythology and it is described as having the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a fish. This supernatural entity could be found in the lochs and rivers of Scotland and also has a place in Irish folklore. It is particularly attractive to children – but they should take care, for once on its back, its sticky magical hide will not allow them to dismount! The seahorse is the person you want managing your finances or handling your legal matters because these people are infinitely clever (if there’s a loophole, they’ve either found it or invented it). They are sometimes hard to follow because they’re minds are so sharp. Some pookas were evil creatures that caused a lot of harm to travelers, while others were helpful to people.

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