The show is being remade by a … Character progression and story telling can now have meaningful long arcs and significant impact. Galileo7 , …

System requirements Brian Johnson, who worked on the original series, Alien(1979), Empire Strikes Back(1980) We've often wondered what you would call a remake of Space: 1999, the 1970s series about a Moonbase on the loose, and now we know. Space: 2099 has been a planned remake of the 1975-77 British and Italian sci-fi television series Space: 1999, created by Gerry Anderson. Space 1999 allows you to control your favourite characters from the tv hit series in an exclusive and original adventure. Certainly, each episode will be a new challenge or discovery, but the way that these events are handled will have longer term effect and implication on our characters and their environment. states that there will be a new updated Gerry Anderson's SPACE:1999 television series. 5 External links. > Space 1999 Remake >Featuring real time isometric 3D (for the first time ever on an Oric), high definition soundtrack and sound effects, full length intro sequence, and advanced gameplay.

Space 2099 is more serialized in story than Space: 1999. The Space: 1999 revival will launch with the pilot episode Breakaway!

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