Someone like you Chords Adele. Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Learn how to play exactly like Adele. 2 for song by Adele - Someone Like You. Someone Like You Chords Highlighted Show chords diagrams FOR PAINO: Play the chord in a 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2 Rhythm Example: Chord A play as: A - C# - E - C# - A - C# - E - C# Play the chords E , F#m , in First inversion Play the chords D and C#m in Second Inversion KEEP THAT IN MIND it's also easier to play NOTE: You need to use the inversion it sounds way better. there is a video lesson for this song . Chords for Adele - Someone like you. Intro: A A/G# Gbm D Verse: A A/G# I heard that you're settled down F#m That you found a girl D And you're married now A A/G# I heard that your dreams came true F#m Guess she gave you things D I … Another wonderful song from Adele, … G never mind i'll D find someone like Em you C i wish G nothing but the D best for Em you C too don't for G get me i D beg i re Em member you C said sometimes it G lasts in love but D sometimes it hurts ins Em tead C sometimes it G lasts in love but D … G Em I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded C Am That for me it isn't over C Never mind Bm7 Em I'll find someone like you C Bm7 Em I wish nothing but the best for you too C Bm7 Don't forget me I beg Em I remember you said C "Sometimes it lasts in love Bm7 Em But sometimes it … Difficulty: Expert. Intro: Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D11 Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D11 Verse 1 Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D11 I've been searching a long time Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D11 For someone exactly like you Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D11 I've been travelling all around the world Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D11 Waiting for you to come through Chorus Cmaj7 Bm7 Someone like you make it all worth while Am7 D11 Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D11 Someone like you keeps me satisfied; someone … Someone like you (adele laurie blue adkins/dan wilson) Key: A. Free printable and easy chords ver. by tarikike. chords ukulele cavaco keyboard tab bass drums harmonics flute Guitar Pro.

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