When she meets Ben Healy, she tells him she likes him, but she can't date anyone because of a problem at home. This is a hard one, Junior was a real problem child but you have to think Trixie has to be pretty bad if her mom won't go on any dates, she refused to go on a date with Ben, she wouldn't tell him why but you finally found out why. Junior never caused Ben not to date, and I think Trixie won more battles when they would have their wars. I'm scared to think what other stuff she has done. Trixie is the daughter of Annie Young, the school nurse.She is more insane and mischievous than Junior, as she carries a lighter and M-80 dynamite sticks with her.She first met Junior when he popped her balloon with a slingshot from his father's car and laughed.

Trixie Young is a main character in Problem Child 2 & was portrayed by Ivyann Schwan.. Sadly, Annie couldn't date because her daughter, Trixie would run men over with her car. While you adjust to seeing Junior with a goatee — it's okay, it took us a minute, too — we'll also point out Ivyann Schwan, who co-starred with Oliver in "Problem Child 2."

Annie Young is the mother of Trixie and the school nurse in Problem Child 2.She is played by Amy Yasbeck, who played Flo, Ben's now ex-wife in the first Problem Child movie.. Personality Edit.

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