Why Me? Reply. Reply Delete Thanks, too, for introducing me to David L. Harrison's blog. If you have to ask Why me? Why do I do this to myself? Page So tell me Lord, when will it end all I ever wanted, was to have a friend . Nice job. He has some great ideas for performing poetry to music! Poem Quotes Life Quotes Kids Poems Poems About Children Preschool Poems Quotes Children Funny Poems Silly Poems Poetry For Kids. Great for classroom and school activities. All those smiles that they put on Fake Whispers behind my back My friends My enemies I slowly swipe the blade across my wrist The metallic smell The thick liquid Crimson red So intoxicating Like a drug, I’m addicted My loyal friend, Who will never leave me I have read somewhere, we shouldn’t ask why me, instead we should be strong and say, try me. So sit with me a while and tell me please what in the world, can I do to make it ease. Nice poem though. Isn’t physical pain better than an emotional one? I Am Only Me . Page Amy, I LOVE this poem, with all its echoes and dancing, buggy rhythms.The imagery is particularly dense and fun here -- the polka dot embroidery and spotted Little Dipper that itches. Why Me. Please tell me, now that I've grown When you’re feeling really blue, When the world has turned against you And you don’t know what to do, When it pours colossal raindrops, And the road’s a winding mess, And you’re feeling more confused Than you ever could express, When the saddened sun won’t shine, When the stars will not align, Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Why me Lord, why so much pain things I do, can't always explain. Have a great week. poem by Kaleb Brown. common core first 1st grade, second 2nd grade, third 3rd grade reading #inspiration #ESL. Why Me poem by Francie Lynch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Popular Poems. Ive passed the homeless on the street Wondering if today theyll eat And I cry quot Why me quot. Why Me? A New Day . Motivational Children's Poem about positive thinking. I am the child that always weeps I am the child the never creeps I am the child that has no friends . All of my childhood, has gone away can't ever get it back and yet I still pay.

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